Henrique A. Matos

Full Professor



Henrique Matos is Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), where he graduated in Chemical Engineering, in 1986, having joined the teaching activity at IST in the same year. In April 1993, he completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at IST. In March 2010, he obtained unanimously the habilitation at IST / UTL. In scientific terms, his interests are in the field of Process Systems Engineering and Supercritical Fluids Technology. He developed work in Process Integration, Process Dynamic Simulation and Sustainability Analysis of Process. His research work has resulted in 217 publications in scientific articles published in international journals, international conference papers in national journals, articles in Proceedings of national conferences, etc. .. He participated in several Scientific and/or Technological Development projects, supported by Public Institutions or by industrial companies. Currently is supervisor (or co-supervisor) of seven PhD students.


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